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The boys Future Elite is a club basketball program based out of Waukegan, IL. We use this program as a means for keeping the youth off the streets, while mentoring and teaching life skills through the game of basketball. As we have grown over the years, our program has grown to include youth in all of North Shore Lake County, making it the most diverse basketball program in Lake County. This allows our youth to see worlds outside their own communities with basketball as the vehicle. If you are looking for a program that is going to focus on skill development and life skills, then The Future Elite Basketball Program is that program!

What Makes The Future Elite Basketball Program Different From Other AAU Programs?

The focus of our program is to develop the skills of our players and provide exposure opportunities for our athletes as well as help shape them as young men. The program enhances player's skills and fundamentals, which allow them to be successful at any level. Playing and winning games have never been our main focus. All of this while being the most affordable program in the area. Our registration fee will always be equal to or less than most AAU programs in the area while playing in the same amount (or more) tournaments. We give one day a week of ELITE Skills Training at no extra cost! 

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